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Gordon Lewis, DDS
Dr. Lewis’s dream vacation would be traveling around the U.S., slowly pulling an old trailer and visiting national parks. When it comes to movies his favorite is “Along Came Polly” starring Jennifer Aniston, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ben Stiller. It is a story about two different people who manage to get along at the end. Along the way they meet a scuba instructor played by Hank Azaria and a reckless Australian played by Brian Brown.

In his spare time, Dr. Lewis enjoys wrenching on rusty and oily cars. When he has nothing else to do he makes some coffee and relaxes. Dr. Lewis’s favorite sport is rowing. He competed in college and still practices indoor rowing. He is also an accomplished table tennis player and his cousin played for Scotland. He collected postage stamps as a child and if he could give his younger self one piece of advice it would be don’t drink the water in Spain. If he could choose a superpower, it would be to stay busy all of the time.