Dr. Gordon Lewis and his team use an advanced 3D printer to ensure that your restorations and oral appliances are of the highest quality, and we can complete your restorations more quickly and effectively. We welcome you to contact our office at 707-445-1104 for more information about 3D printing in Eureka, California, and to schedule your appointment with our skilled dentist.

Our office features a Kulzer cara 4.0 printer. When we create a restoration or an oral appliance, our dentist takes a scan using the wand from our CEREC device. This digital impression is then sent to the 3D printer, where it is immediately created, milled and printed out. Some of the most common treatments completed using our 3D printer include:

  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Clear retainers
  • Night guards

With a 3D printer, you can be certain that your appliance or restoration will be highly accurate and have a smooth, natural-looking finish. Our dentist and team take every detail into account, ensuring that your final result will be natural, beautiful and of the highest quality. Additionally, your total treatment time will be much shorter than if we had to send an impression out to a dental lab, giving you back a healthy smile in less time.

To learn more about 3D printers and make an appointment with Dr. Lewis, contact our friendly dental office today. We look forward to helping you regain your healthy smile!